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Beautiful Boots and Bangs, Burlingame, CA

Thankfully I decided to stay local this Super Bowl Sunday. On my way to the local Coffee Shop I couldn’t help but notice a young lady with great presence enjoying a beverage while captivated by her cell phone. Nonchalantly gorgeous, she commanded the attention of the whole block and reminded me of two things I miss about living in Europe, the Cafe culture & how well women wear boots and scarves.

So much of fashion is attitude. Not only did her outfit display a great sense of style but also confidence. It shows that she pays attention to the little details and appreciates precision. I’m a sucker for clean lines and was immediately drawn to her rare Italian boots with a strong heel. The playful diagonal strap leads the eye up past the pronounced tongue of the boot to the cuffed leg (a great touch) of her perfectly fitting jeans and accentuating the leg.

Her flowy knit scarf adds an element of warmth and chaos to a clean refined look while balancing the whole outfit. Her top had a beautiful circular embroidered pattern on the sides and worked well with he watch to add an element of delicacy and finesse.

Please tell me again, where in Italy did you get those boots?

Boot detail.


February 6, 2012   No Comments

A Beautiful Coat, San Francisco

Sunday near Union Square brought out a bright smile, piercing eyes, and the most beautiful coat I have seen all day. Classic, timeless, yet modern and unique enough to have notable personality. The tailored waistline is flattering and clean while the shoulders and button details add a fun-feminine quality with sex appeal. The horizontal stripes are balanced by the circular shapes of the finely crafted buttons which form 3 main vertical rows that balance the center mass of fabric. It may be impossible to have a bad day while wearing a coat as fine as this.


January 30, 2012   No Comments

First time in SF? Bring leggings and a coat.

It was Valentina’s first time in San Francisco and my first time riding the SF cable car. After stopping at the Lombard street stop I snapped a few photos to capture her attire. In most cases, within 3 seconds of spotting an interesting outfit, I decide “yes.” or “No.” in my head as to whether or not I’m drawn to what they’re wearing in this case it was a yes for a simple fact.

The leggings make this outfit work. Her lace trimmed leggings from Torino, Italy add structure & detail to the large flowing volume of her coat.  Her X-mas themed Abercrombie & Fitch shorts are a surprise for those who pay attention while balancing the sexiness of lace which leads the eye up the leg and revealing a playful, cute, care-free style echoed in her baggy Citni boots.

I’m usually not a fan of hoodies worn under other articles of clothing such as blazers & other coats but it fits here because it breaks up all the black, draws the eye, and it’s functional on such a cold and windy day in SF. Now excuse me as I find a soft, warm hoodie and pour some hot chocolate.


January 22, 2012   No Comments

Uggs & Mittens, Atlanta

Usually I don’t like Uggs since they have a tendency to stop mid calf and take all the shape out of a good looking leg only to replace it with a flat, stubby form. This isn’t the case in Abeni’s casual outfit, they actually make sense while looking good. The pattern and detailing on the boots help distinguish the calf from the ankle and stand out from the regular flat tanned ones that I’m used to seeing on tons of girls who decided to wear them with mini skirts and oversized sunglasses for reasons unbeknownst to me.


February 2, 2009   No Comments

Winter time, San Francisco

The consistently mild weather of San Francisco never ceases to amaze, this photo was taken winter 2008. Not exactly what you had in mind for winter attire right? Not a scarf or pea coat in sight.


January 26, 2009   No Comments

Pretty in Purple, Mannheim Germany

Approaching total strangers on the street and asking for a photograph can be near impossible if you’re in Germany and know only basic German unless you’re rescued by a lovley trilingual, make -shift, assistant such as Lilly. I’m really thankful she was kind enough to stick around and help through out the day.  As we walked and talked about what people were wearing I was introduced to some delicious snacks from vendors along the street such as roasted acorns, pretzels, and to my surprise a doughnut that should’ve come with a warning since it was filled with an alchoholic eggnog that squirted out of the back onto my jacket upon first bite.

Okay let’s move on to what she is wearing. When I look at this picture my eye is drawn to her gold handbag which perfectly complements her purple Heritage jeans. Her scarf, which is a very important accessory in Europe, has shades of purple to match her jeans. I’ve always been a fan of the rounded toe boot and I adore her short coat with small pockets by the hips. If you’re looking for a perfect example of how to look good and stay warm while on a casual stroll through the city, here it is.


January 21, 2009   No Comments

Skater Girl, San Francisco

Right away her wild t-shirt grabbed my attention. Not only is it functional, it serves as the main color scheme for the entire outfit down to even her orange fingernail polish and turquoise WESC headphones.


November 22, 2008   1 Comment

Sunglasses & tights, San Francisco

While walking around Union Square in San Francisco I came across Jen having a quick lunch and immediately noticed her fun outfit.  She wore Dark boots which were the foundation to leggings, a grey skirt and a light top accented nicely by large white sunglasses. Her outfit forms a smooth gradient that guides the eye from head to toe.


November 22, 2008   No Comments

Peacock earrings, San Francisco


November 22, 2008   No Comments