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Posts from — January 2012

Working on a Sunday, Stay Classy. San Francisco

Sunday, for me, has always been a time to wind down and relax in preparation of the new week ahead.  So what’s the perfect casual look when a man has to work in the office on a Sunday? The look is one I like to call the “Art Director.” It shows that you are professional but not rigid from it’s mix of casual and formal elements. A proper fitting pair of un-stressed jeans and the unbuttoned top collar are key for achieving the total look. The black framed glasses are a great addition bringing focus to the eyes and making the wearer look even more intelligent. For an even more casual look a t-shirt and sneakers can be worn for a look that I like to call the “creative.”

Tony just stepped outside for a quick break at work when I snapped this picture of him looking professional, casual, and wise.


January 31, 2012   No Comments

A Beautiful Coat, San Francisco

Sunday near Union Square brought out a bright smile, piercing eyes, and the most beautiful coat I have seen all day. Classic, timeless, yet modern and unique enough to have notable personality. The tailored waistline is flattering and clean while the shoulders and button details add a fun-feminine quality with sex appeal. The horizontal stripes are balanced by the circular shapes of the finely crafted buttons which form 3 main vertical rows that balance the center mass of fabric. It may be impossible to have a bad day while wearing a coat as fine as this.


January 30, 2012   No Comments

First time in SF? Bring leggings and a coat.

It was Valentina’s first time in San Francisco and my first time riding the SF cable car. After stopping at the Lombard street stop I snapped a few photos to capture her attire. In most cases, within 3 seconds of spotting an interesting outfit, I decide “yes.” or “No.” in my head as to whether or not I’m drawn to what they’re wearing in this case it was a yes for a simple fact.

The leggings make this outfit work. Her lace trimmed leggings from Torino, Italy add structure & detail to the large flowing volume of her coat.  Her X-mas themed Abercrombie & Fitch shorts are a surprise for those who pay attention while balancing the sexiness of lace which leads the eye up the leg and revealing a playful, cute, care-free style echoed in her baggy Citni boots.

I’m usually not a fan of hoodies worn under other articles of clothing such as blazers & other coats but it fits here because it breaks up all the black, draws the eye, and it’s functional on such a cold and windy day in SF. Now excuse me as I find a soft, warm hoodie and pour some hot chocolate.


January 22, 2012   No Comments