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Pretty in Purple, Mannheim Germany

Approaching total strangers on the street and asking for a photograph can be near impossible if you’re in Germany and know only basic German unless you’re rescued by a lovley trilingual, make -shift, assistant such as Lilly. I’m really thankful she was kind enough to stick around and help through out the day.  As we walked and talked about what people were wearing I was introduced to some delicious snacks from vendors along the street such as roasted acorns, pretzels, and to my surprise a doughnut that should’ve come with a warning since it was filled with an alchoholic eggnog that squirted out of the back onto my jacket upon first bite.

Okay let’s move on to what she is wearing. When I look at this picture my eye is drawn to her gold handbag which perfectly complements her purple Heritage jeans. Her scarf, which is a very important accessory in Europe, has shades of purple to match her jeans. I’ve always been a fan of the rounded toe boot and I adore her short coat with small pockets by the hips. If you’re looking for a perfect example of how to look good and stay warm while on a casual stroll through the city, here it is.



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