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Dancer in the park, Atlanta

I started using a 50 mm Nikon f1.4 lens with my Nikon d90, it’s by far my favorite lens for shooting people. I really like the shallow depth of field and since it’s a fast lens it allows for crisp low light photography.

While sitting on a park bench switching between lenses I, noticed Karell (pictured above) and Ray walking, so I introduced myself. I could tell immediately that these guys were really into the idea of taking pictures and talking about what they were wearing which made for a fun and informative five minute photo session.
Karell, a dancer visiting from Montreal, is wearing Evisu Zip Yamane San canvas hi-tops, a denim jacket purchased in Italy, hat and glasses from New york, and a low v-neck graphic Tee. Some people have a rule never wear denim on denim, I personally never wear denim above the waist because I am yet to find a denim jacket that looks good on me, however he pulls of this outfit exceptionally well.

The low v-neck graphic Tee break up the material and effectively become a starting focal point. The white from the logo and lighter blue peaking out at his waistline share the same color with his shoes. The glasses frame his face well and topping it all off is the grey fedora echoing the soft material quality of his shirt. Overall great use of texture and color to show you can still wear denim on denim.


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1 Sean { 01.26.09 at 10:26 pm }

This jean jacket is classic. I would wear that with any color jean. Its tailored to perfection. I also like the evisu shoes. His ensemble is complex simplicity.

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